How Do You Hire Professional Packers and Movers in Cochin?

Moving can be one of the most stressful endeavors of your life. What usually starts as excitement about a new home or city can end up in frustration and emotional breakdown. Fortunately, there is availability so many packers and movers in Cochin who can handle the entire moving process for you – from planning and packing to delivering and setting up. Just make sure you review their policies, procedures and credentials before signing on the dotted line.


Here are a few tips for choosing dependable packers and movers that will handle all your heavy lifting needs effortlessly:

1. Ask for On-site Estimate –

When hiring professional movers to relocate your possessions, you shouldn’t accept an estimate before they have been on-site. It’s obvious that to provide you with an accurate estimate, movers need to visit your living space anywhere in Cochin and review the amount, size and type of belongings that need to be transported.

2. Ask for Certification and Insurance –

Without essential moving certification and credentials, the moving company you are hiring can’t be held responsible, if something happens to your personal belongings. In addition to, they aren’t liable for any kind of injuries that may happen to their staff or your family or property. Hence, you should ask for proof of your mover’s bond and insurance beforehand.

3. Ask for Comprehensive Estimate –

Paying more than the estimated cost can be a way to increase your stress and that’s exactly what you want to avoid. Before making any commitment with packers and movers in Cochin, find out if they charge extra fees for special services, supplies that goes beyond the scope of your estimation. Please keep in mind that, these little extra will add up quickly, everything should be included in the original estimate.


4. Ask for References –

All dependable packers and movers will be able to offer several references. Contacting with previous customers can be a good way to get a feel for the professionalism of a potential mover. You can ask your relatives or friends for insights on any mover you’re researching.

5. Always Hire Experienced Movers –

When a moving company goes the extra mile to provide staffs that are fully trained and arrive in uniforms, they show a great level of professionalism and dedication. This kind of attention to detail demonstrates their ultimate concerns for your household move, your safety and getting the job done perfectly.

Conclusion –

Now that you must be aware of what to looking for in a moving company, you can start searching for movers and packers in Cochin. It might take some additional time to find the right one for your need, but without the burden of doing the relocation on your own, it’s a safe bet that your investment will be well worth.

Moreover, it’s necessary that you get professional movers when relocating. If you hire packers and movers in Cochin of Associated Movers and Packers to move your valuable possessions, be sure of shifting entire household including your family heirlooms, furniture, glass accessories, etc. in a safe and comfortable way.


How it’s easy to resume your daily lifestyle once reputable packers and movers relocated your belongings to new home! For immediate availability of our responsible movers, feel free to contact us today and request a free moving estimate! For more information you can stay connected with us on our  twitter , and google+ pages .



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5 Signs Of A Rogue Packer And Mover Service In India

Relocation or moving is itself a pretty complex task as you’ve to shift from your familiar place to another unfamiliar place. You’ve to shift all your household goods from one place to another and that’s not easy. You’ve to depend on a relocation unit because DIY moving can be very complicated to manage, particularly if you have not done moving ever before. Even if you employ a relocation firm, you need to be a bit cautious of many things to make sure your items are moved without any hassle. In India moving fraud isn’t unknown and several cases have been reported over the Internet. Here in this post I have shared a few tips worth knowing if you don’t want to be trapped by any scam packers and movers in Cochin.


Unprofessional Phone Etiquette:

When you telephone any packer and mover firm, the people who provide the response to your call, must polite & have professional approach towards your queries. Be alert if they use generic greetings such as packers and movers instead of employing the organization name. Another indication of fraud is whenever you telephone every time your call is transferred to an answer machine. Professional company would always like to offer you phone number & proper address.

 Do They Have A Professional Looking Website?

You must check out their website, before signing any contact. Search their site by phone number of physical address. If you can’t find any valid info regarding their service, they are no doubt scam movers. You better look for another moving service, if they don’t have any information on their site.

Low Estimation:

Scam movers and packers always offer low estimation since no one can prevent them to earn money once they take away all the belongings from your home. It’s wise to have a price estimation from 2-3 firms and have a basic idea about the price. If the price is too good to be true, then it’s time to look for another mover.


Unmarked Vehicle:

You can also spot the rogue packers & movers by checking the fleet of vehicles they have. If they are using unmarked vehicles, it is a good sign that they are not the most reliable movers. Simply avoid these services.

Payment Upfront:

Most of the moving firms ask for advance payment which may vary from forty to fifty percent of the overall relocation expenditures, but if your moving service asks for the full payment in advance, then be aware of such companies because they may take your money for offering nothing.


As far as reliable packers and movers in Cochin are concerned, you can trust on Associated Movers and Packers. We are having branches in different parts of India and our unmatched service has made us a leading name in the moving industry in India. You can always reach us at 0422-2648527! For more information you can stay connected with us on our facebook , twitter , and google+ pages .

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Top Benefits of Hiring a Reliable Packers and Movers in Trichy

It is true that a home or commercial relocation comes with a hectic task of packing and moving. If you have an upcoming moving project (for household moving or corporate relocation), then it will be wise to rely on dependable packing and moving service provider in Trichy. Whether it is your home or corporate relocation in Trichy, it requires a lot of pre-planning and proper execution to ensure a convenient and smooth transition. The expert moving professionals will make sure in delivering a reliable assistance that will result in a stress free relocation experience.

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Please read on to explore the great benefits of relying on a professional packers and movers for your home, office or commercial relocation in Trichy:

1. Assurance of Professional Assistance:

With a reliable packer and mover, you enjoy the assistance of experienced moving professionals who are well trained to properly handle the packing and loading your valuable belongings. The moving professionals will plan out and co-ordinate the entire process of relocation from start to finish that will ensure a convenient and comfortable residential or commercial relocation.

2. Top Quality Service:

Whether it is your domestic/ household packing and moving or corporate relocation in Trichy, a professional packer and mover will make sure in delivering an exceptional service like:

  • Full Service packing and unpacking- You can be stress free and leave the tiresome packing work to the reliable moving professionals. The highly skilled moving professionals will take the utmost care in packing your fragile and valuable belongings in a safe and convenient way. This will ensure a damage free and breakage free home or commercial relocation in Trichy.

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  • Professional Loading-Unloading: Whether it is your piano, heavy furnitures or fragile items, the experienced moving professionals will make sure that those valuable items are suitably loaded and unloaded. Using specialized and advanced equipments, the expert moving professionals will ensure a safe loading and unloading of your valuable belongings.

  • Supply of the Best Packing Materials: To ensure a secured packing, you will get superior quality packing materials like the packing or carton boxes, bubble wrap, packaging tapes, box cutters, paper wrapping, masking tapes and more.

  • Vehicles for Goods Transportation: The reliable packers or movers will help you enjoy a seamless transition by providing well maintained and safe vehicles or trucks for goods transportation. This will ensure a fast and secured home or business relocation experience in Trichy.

3. Save your Time and Money:

Working with an industry best packers and movers will help you get a customized home or commercial moving package that will save the time and time. The experienced moving professionals will efficiently pack your entire house or office in Trichy and shift the belongings in a secured way to the new destination. This will ensure a stress free, hassle free and relaxing relocation experience.

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Associated Movers and Packers is one of the best packers and movers in Trichy that specializes in successfully handling home and business relocation. We always strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by providing cost-effective and time saving moving services for your home or business relocation in Trichy. Contact us today at 0422-2648527 / 9894783737 / 9843083737 to get a free moving quote! . For more information you can stay connected with us on our facebook , twitter , and google+ pages .

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Basic Things You Should Know Before Hiring Packer & Movers in India

Just a straight-forward search over the web, you will be given with hundreds of packers & movers companies in India from your city or locality. But the question here is can you trust them completely to handover all your valuables for packing and relocating. At the same time, thinking about relocating all your belongings on your own would be the toughest option since there are a lot of complications involved with this procedure. So your ultimate option should be hiring a professional packers & movers. Whether you’re relocating your home for the 1st time or you’ve some beforehand experience, there’re certain necessary things that must be taken into account prior to employing a packer & mover service in India. So what are they? let’s check them out:

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Is your packer mover service reliable?

There’s no regulative body for packers & movers in India, which makes the industry a little unstable. No doubt you will come across a lot of packers & movers services, but they are not registered. Thus, prior to you assign all your valuables to them, check out their credentials and make sure that they’re dependable. Be cautious and have faith only those moving services, who possess a healthy network, well trained staff, and have adequate resources to deal with the assignment professionally. Previous customer reference can be a good help as well.

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Do they offer a decent price quote?

Another regular issue that people encounter is associated to costs, and the general expenditures of packing and relocating merchandises. In packing & moving, cost may differ from one assignment to another, so there’re no preset standard cost structure. The fee of each assignment relies upon the distance needed to cover, the volume of items, the routes, insurance is required or not, etc. So, don’t hire a packer & mover service in India without having an appropriate comparison of the rates.

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Check out if there’s any hidden charges:

Always check out if there’s any hidden costs involved with the packing & moving procedure, such as toll and octroi charges. What you need to is get a much precise price quote for the moving services so that you can deter yourself form investing inevitably. Always emphasize on getting a gross invoice and flexible payment term. Paying over 70 percent in advance could be risky, you never know.

Do they offer adequate insurance coverage for your goods?

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Having an insurance protection for your belongings is rather crucial, predominantly in case of long distance moving. While insuring your merchandises, be cautious with their appraisal, and request your broker to counsel regarding which stuff must be insured and which shouldn’t be, and how to claim if situation demands. In second, always keep the policy and invoice of the insurance with you, so that the company can’t claim later that your belongings were not protected.

For professional and dependable Packers and Movers in Chennai, get in touch with Associated Movers and Packers. Whether it is domestic relocation or industrial/corporate relocation, just call us at 9894783737/ 9843083737!


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